ALLin Solutions is dedicated to building bridges between companies, products, communities and consumers whose preferences we value" 





How we work

Contracting Services

ALLin has expertise waiting to review, negotiate and operate contracts on behalf of vendors and purchasers. We have a wealth of legal staff along with business executives ready to assist in a win-win relationship


DIrect supplier relationships

ALLin has already begun contracting with product manufacturers to provide best of class offerings to purchasers throughout the US. Please request an updated SIC code and/or pricing guide for further info as this is changing constantly.


DIrect Service Relationships

Allin has begun contracting with service providers to offer premium service offerings throughout the US. Based in Texas and Louisiana, ALLin is uniquely qualified to provide you with a high level offering of services as your business requires.


"Throughout my corporate career, I have been dedicated to driving diversity and inclusion in all aspects of business"


Marie Quintana  |  April 2017